Friday, 22 March 2013

I'm in Japan!

Hi everybody!

You guys have no idea how hard it was to get access to wifi at my new home. Be grateful!

Man, I can't believe it's finally happening. Everything is so massively different, it's just incredible. I've been here five days and there's already so much to share!

First, we arrived in Tokyo Narita airport and got a bus to this really fancy hotel and stayed the night there. (Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to upload pictures to my blog from my iPad yet, and it's kind of hard to when the website's buttons and messages have all changed to Japanese. For now they'll just go on Facebook.)

The next day we got a bus to Oosaka, which took about nine hours. You know how you hear that Japanese food is really healthy? Well, most of it is, but their sweet things are super super sweet! Our entire lunch was bread filled with sugary creams, it was crazy. On the toilet breaks I learned that Japanese toilet seats are heated! It felt so weird at first!

For the next two days we stayed at a more Japanese-y hotel, which had a public bath, which really wasn't as embarrassing as I'd thought it would be and was actually really relaxing. The food was really filling and healthy and I thought hey, maybe I'll lose weight after all! But then on the bus ride to the train station yesterday they fed us that sugary bread again, yick.

I rode a Shinkansen to Hiroshima!! It was incredible! Pictures on facebook!

So now I'm at my host family's house. They're really nice, and my mother cooks really well. They do laundry every day and let me wash my hair in the morning. I was really tired that first night when my parents and I had a really long talk, laying down the ground rules. My head was buzzing afterwards from trying to understand that much Japanese!

Today we went shopping for school stuff. Man, absolutely everything in Japan is cute. I'll upload a picture of the school bag, Bento box and bags that I bought. They're totally girly. I'm having problems with my card for some reason so I haven't got any cash yet, so my host parents had to pay for my stuff, but as soon as I have money I'm gonna try and pay them back.

Tonight, I'm trying natto for the first time! Can't wait! Hope I like it!

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