Monday, 21 January 2013

This post is a little pointless

I just thought I'd let the world know that my new iPad mini has arrived. Yayy!

How is this relevant to my blog?

Well, starting March, this iPad is going to be both my personal computer and my electronic dictionary, with the help of a few Japanese-English dictionary apps. While I'm in Japan, most of my blog updates will probably be done on this iPad. I'll probably be doing my school work on here too. And if I can convince my school to let me, I'll be looking up every second word I read on this thing throughout the day. >_>

Really this update is just an excuse to be excited all over you guys.

My host family hasn't replied to my e-mail yet, so I'm probably going to have to send them another one.

Just over eight weeks to departure.

Be safe!
xx Isabelle

P.S. Totally updating from my iPad right now.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Host Family Acquired!

I wasn't expecting to have one so early on, but looks like I got lucky!

Starting in March, I will be the third child of the Kishimoto family. I have a new older brother, a sister two months older than me, and a sister a year younger than me. Looks like I won't be buying any buzzy bees after all.

My dad told me the news over phone, since I wasn't at home when the e-mail arrived. I'm still not at home so I won't be able to e-mail my new family until tomorrow evening at the earliest :'( I can't wait to get in contact with them n_n

Ten weeks and counting!

Love you all!
Isabelle xx