Monday, 19 November 2012

Departure Date

So I'm not going in April like I thought. I'm officially leaving in the third week of March. Four months and counting!

AFS posted a package with two booklets, one on how to best ensure my personal safety and one on the kinds of things I should expect in Japan and some dos and don'ts. It was very informative. I learned that:

• If you see a guy with a perm, that means he's a gang member. Avoid his eyes to avoid getting killed.
• I have to watch out for Train Perverts.
• Families share bath water.
• I'm not allowed to bring a laptop with me to Japan.

I think I'm a lot more upset about not having a computer in Japan than curly-haired organized crime members!

So right now I need to apply for my visa and write a thank you to my sponsors who gave me this scholarship.

Four months is such a short time! I'm so nervous and excited! It's gonna be here before I know it.

See ya!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hiroshima, the City of Water!

I got the Hiroshima City scholarship!! Just got the e-mail today! Woohoo!

This means that a) $7,000 have been knocked off the price of the exchange, and b) I know for sure what city I'll be going to! The excitement is going to kill me <3

The Hiroshima Castle

I hear the Hiroshimaians speak differently from the Tokyoites, like a sort of universal slang. I'll arrive in Japan speaking a broken Tokyoan Japanese and leave fluent in a completely different language! xD Looking forward to that.

I'll post again when I have news.
Stay tuned! xx